question about software patents (sandisk/sisvel)

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I have a question about this case (german article):

Now, from what I know, software patents aren't allowed in europe (that's why 
we were demonstrating in front of the european parliament last spring and 
So, why is it possible that a company takes legal action for patents on 
- Is this one of the "epa gives sw-patents although they're not allowed"-case? 
Then, why don't companies like sandisk take legal actions against the patent?
- Is this in someway not considered "software"?
- What else is going on there?

I never got a really competent answer on why the mp3-patent seems to be valid 
in europe, so I hope anyone here has deeper knowledge. I think it's important 
for free software projects like ffmpeg, mad or lame to have this situation 
cleared up.


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