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Sam Liddicott sam at
Fri Oct 27 14:27:12 UTC 2006

* Alfred M. Szmidt wrote, On 27/10/06 15:19:
>    All potential users of Savannah should consider the implications
>    carefully if they feel they might be unable to meet this
>    requirement.
> Please stop spreading FUD.  The implications are free documentation
> and free software.  If those "implications" are so bad then you are in
> the wrong movement.
Some projects have GPL'd documentation provided by absent contributors.
Some projects have GPL'd documentation provided by present contributors
for idealogical reasons.
The contributors possibly do not consider themselves to be part of any

The implications are both legal and moral that such projects cannot be
hosted on Savannah with the documentation.

You have said so yourself.

You keep using the word FUD. I do not think it means what you think it

It means spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt, so that readers/hearers
take a decision based on confusion and avoidance of confusing issues and
their implications, instead of making decisions based on clear informed

The comments you have disputed have been clear and you have twice
restated in agreement the fact of the comments.

There is no FUD.

Where you say "Savannah projects must use GFDL (compatable) license" I
say "...and so if you can't use GFDL license don't use Savannah".

How is this direct and accurate clarification FUD in any way?


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