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MJ Ray mjr at
Fri Oct 27 08:11:54 UTC 2006

Simon Morris <simon.morris at> wrote:
> I am about to take over maintainership of a small project (just a hobby,
> won't be big and professional like gnu) ;-) and I'm wondering where is
> best to host it.

Best place?  Your own server and then get mirrors.  Several modern 
version control systems can publish to a simple http server.

> Are these concerns still valid and what are peoples thoughts on hosting
> code with Googles new software project hosting service?

Google's hosting service seems to share Sourceforge's non-free code 
problem, and Google has many other problems, locking people out, not 
responding to bugs and generally polluting the network.  See for a rough list.  It doesn't 
include much on the hosting yet, but I'd be surprised if old Googlebugs 
like the registration pressure, accessibility failures and .coop bans 
and so on aren't repeated.

Also, I'd avoid Savannah and GNA for now, unless you know you are happy 
with their policies (such as required early adoption of FDL, or 
HTTPS-only). and seem more relaxed, but that 
does mean you have to check each licence - a problem for browsers more 
than publishers, I guess.  If there's a debian angle, 
is another option.

Hope that helps,
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