Writing an exception to LGPL for a C++ template library

Benoit Jacob jacob at math.jussieu.fr
Wed Oct 25 13:30:34 UTC 2006

Hi Federico,

Thanks for your answers. The reasons why we were considering using the 
LGPL, not the GPL, are that:
- we need to make sure LGPL-licensed software (apps,libs,everything) can 
use our library without any worry.
- we don't care too much if proprietary software uses our lib (though we 
wouldn't rejoice about that either).

> The exception in the GCC C++ std. library is:

I am glad you mention it because this is something we have looked at, but 
we were left with a big question open: what would we have to change in the 
formulation of this exception in order to make it applicable to the LGPL 
instead of GPL ? Is such a transposition possible at all?

We would also have to modify it to apply to all software, not only 


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