RMS, previously, on Sun freeing java

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Nov 16 19:06:23 UTC 2006

"Xavi Drudis Ferran" <xdrudis at tinet.cat> wrote:
> Well I don't have the statitstics but it could be true.
> In any case I have no bais to argue it .

In god we trust -- all others must bring data.

> The idea was: what is not available today under GPL wasn't available
> yesterday either, so the news is what has been released, not the parts
> remaining as they were.

Exactly.  The news is what has been released: hotspot and javac, the
bits the free software java implementors seem to have mostly replaced.
Interesting, but not world-shattering.  Instead, what's getting in the
news is "Sun has GPL'd Java" which is not yet true.

> I don't think it's fair to just ignore what
> has been released, even if it's not all. Specially considering there's
> at least some promise for more.

I don't ask to ignore it, just report it accurately.  The promise of
more is welcome, but computers don't run code on promises.

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