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Mon Nov 13 22:49:43 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 18:10 +0100, Andreas K. Foerster wrote:
> Am Montag, dem 13. Nov 2006 schrieb Sean DALY:
> > Here's a nice little vid of RMS on the Sun site!
> > 
> > http://www.sun.com/2006-1113/feature/customers.jsp
> I can't view it. What is he saying?

My own transcriptions of RMS and Moglen speeches are here:

Great news for free software

Sun Microsystems has choosen the GNU General Public Licence to open its
Java technology: see the official annoucement page.

Here is my transcription of the small Richard Stallman video available
on Sun site:

        It will be very good that the Java trap won't exist anymore, it
        will be a thing of the past. That kind of problem can still
        exist in other areas but it won't exist for Java anymore. The
        GNU General Public Licence is the most popular, most widely used
        free software licence. The special thing about this licence is
        that it's a copyleft licence, that is to say all versions of the
        program must carry the same licence so the freedoms that the GNU
        GPL gives to the users must reach all the users of the program
        and that's the purpose for which I wrote it. I think Sun has,
        well with this contribution, has contributed more than any other
        company to the free software community in the form of software.
        And it shows leadership, it's an example I hope other will

And here my transcription of the Eben Moglen video:

        As Java became one of the most important languages for the
        expression of ideas about technology of programming in the last
        decade the question of Java's freedom, wether it could be use
        freely and made part of free software projects, has been a
        crucial question. Sun's policy of GPL'ing Java, which we are
        celebrating now, is an extraordinary achievement in returning
        programming technology to that state of freely available
        knowledge. Sun has now GPL'ed hardware designs, Sun is GPL'ing
        Java: that's an extraordinary vote of confidence in this way of
        sharing information. And we, in the free software world, are
        very pleased and very flattered to see Sun taking its own very
        valuable and very important product and agreeing with us that
        they will be more advantageous to Sun as well as to the rest of
        the community if they are shared under these rules.

Here is APRIL first reaction (french).

(my web page version has links)


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