Internet Governance Forum launched in Athens

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Nov 8 12:47:09 UTC 2006

Georg Greve's mugshot was smiling out from
about the launch of the Internet Governance Forum, so I headed over to
and from there to through a couple of links 
(please stop setting target="_blank" on FSFE sites - if I want a new 
window, I'll open one.)

I find it rather hard to read the low-contrast (=>WCAG-AAA-failing), so I override stylesheets and may be missing some 
detail, but I get the impression that it's the "big bad" businesses that 
dominate topics of main common interest to FSFE supporters - Google, 
Sun, Microsoft, ... - and friendly businesses are few and far between.  
Is that accurate?

In short, will IGF fare better than WSIS?

I'm asking some questions about representation and access directly, but 
if anyone knows a "getting involved in IGF" link, please post it.

Thanks for reading this ramble,
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