gNewSense 1.0 - a binary blobless free software GNU/Linux - seeks help too

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri Nov 3 08:49:06 UTC 2006

"Andreas K. Foerster" <list at>
> As far as I can remember there were plans to make a "GNUbuntu"...

Why invite potential trademark problems?  Why advertise Ubuntu if
it's not good enough?

It's great to see a FSF-approved debian-based distribution.  Hopefully
they will be good at cooperating with debian.  Now I'm back on DSL,
I'm downloading to take a look, so I'll send CDs at cost to anyone who
wants them ASAP - mail me off-list if you want or know someone who
wants them (but I guess most people here have their own high-speed and

Drawbacks I see so far are Firefox, being not-yet-all-free-software
(although they are honest about that, which is good) and says I must be logged in to report a bug, even
after I complete the login page.  A login-required bug tracker is a
silly idea anyway IMO.  Overall, seems a good start.  Please, if
anyone is further in testing this, post/link reviews from this thread.

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