[potentially OT] UN resolutions in opaque PDF format

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Nov 1 16:49:25 UTC 2006

simo <simo.sorce at xsec.it> wrote: [...]
> So I'd say that at least politely asking for such a version explaining
> in full detail what is the problem, making it clear that blind people
> have problems reading them in current form, will make a difference.

I agree it's worth a try (I've never tried on the UN) and keeping
notes on what happens, but I fear it won't do much good:

> And unless you find a very insensitive person on the other side it will
> rise the right questions inside the organization that publish these
> documents.

It sorrows me to say this about my current main trade, but most
webmasters must be very insensitive people, then!

Unless your disability is something they judge "real" or you are
willing and able to persecute them for it, most webmasters and
software developers seem not to care, as long as it works for them
with their abilities on their configuration of their browser.  This
year, I've had one webmaster citing bloody Ayn Rand at me in defence
of not fixing their colour choices!  Something about the designer
should not sacrifice their chosen colours for the good of others,

On a related note: GNU Mailman *still* doesn't set colours properly on
its web interface, last I saw - no, it wasn't the Mailman maintainer
who quoted Rand and yes, I have reported this bug and offered to help
fix it.
was more than 2 years ago now.  That's not uncommon: accessibility
isn't usually taken seriously, even in GNU.  :-(

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