Free Software Evangelism, revisited

Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at
Mon May 29 14:58:09 UTC 2006

Shane M. Coughlan wrote:

>I think this has drifted a long way from the point of the thread.  The
>original point was about what constituted success in promoting something
>like the idea of Free Software.  Tying that into vague and inherently
>subjective views on 'good', 'bad' and 'worthy' is both confusing and
>unhelpful.  I believe sticking to the point is important.
You keep dealing with the symptoms, try to find the cause...

>I stand by my original assertion that any unmeasurable advocacy is less
>useful than measurable advocacy.  Whether the advocacy is geared towards
>profit or not is a mute point.  That has nothing whatsoever to do with
>Free Software as a concept.  Free Software is about Freedom for the user

<MetaLanguage> An *assertion* is a measurable advocacy? </MataLanguage>

Free Software is not about freedom, its about constraints... there's no 
freedom without constraints.

[]s, gandhi

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