Free Software Evangelism, revisited

Steven steffo at
Sat May 27 20:50:47 UTC 2006

So you mean if I could make more profit by exclusively using or developing
proprietary software than with Free Software, would I still choose Free

If it was up to me, yes I would. But if I could make a *lot* more money
using or developing proprietary software I think I probably would.....and
buy off this sin by investing heavily in Free Software. :) No seriously I
would so I can eventually stop working for food and other necessities and
spend more time on things I choose, like Free Software. Money buys different
kinds of freedom.

Although I like to think that no amount of money can make me say or do
things I don't believe in. Like for instance talking only bad about Free

[]Judas ;)

On 5/26/06, Ricardo Andere de Mello <gandhi at> wrote:
> This discussion is getting interesting. ;-)
> Steven wrote:
> > Your previous question seems to be based on the assumption that 'for
> profit' and 'for believe' are mutual exclusive. I think they are not. I
> believe in Free Software and still am looking for ways to earn money,
> because I need to. If I could earn money by 'selling' Free Software I
> would consider it a good thing, since I could combine something I need
> to do with something I want to do. But if I would be 'selling' Free
> Software - for whatever reason - and do not believe in or care for the
> philosophy of Free Software then I would be a fake, no evangelist.
> Of course that having money and doing what you like is a good thing, and
> that you can have both things, but Im again asking you, if you could
> only choose between a normal job with free software, and a more
> profitable job without free software, what would you choose?
> >
> > In your example about the hero, I think he is by this definition
> "hero:the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem"  :)
> But by this definition: "hero:man distinguished by exceptional courage
> and nobility and strength" I think there is not enough information in
> the example to tell.
> My definition: Hero-> someone that saves another person. ;-)
> >
> > Also note that for the person falling it makes no difference. The
> result is the same. This is also true for spreading the word about Free
> Software.
> Of course that for the people that is falling, it has no difference, but
> does it makes difference for you?
> If you say to this person that you grab him just for reflex, that you
> would not do this normally, what would he learn? And if you tell him
> that you grab him because you care to people, what would be the lesson?
> []s, gandhi
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