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I thought members might like to see how Amnesty International are cottoning on to the issue of human freedom and the internet. The issue of free software will undoubtedly follow.

Maurice McCarthy

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Stop Internet Repression
Protect The Human

Dear Maurice,

45 years old and still fighting

Ever since Peter Benenson's article in The Observer, The Forgotten Prisoners, launched Amnesty International in 1961, freedom of expression has been at the heart of our work.  45 years later the world has changed in many ways, but the struggle continues in new forms. 

The internet has become a new frontier in the struggle for human rights, as governments ? with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world - crackdown on freedom of expression.  Chat rooms monitored.  Websites blocked.  Search engines restricted.  People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information. 

To take on this new threat, Amnesty International and The Observer have again joined forces.  The campaign will highlight individuals imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their beliefs online.   It will expose the role of major companies who are colluding with governments to restrict rights.  And it will seek to undermine censorship by allowing people to publish information the authorities have tried to block. 

We are aiming to collect thousands of pledges calling on all governments and companies around the world to respect internet freedom which we will present to a UN meeting on internet governance in November 2006.  The more people sign up, the louder our voice becomes. 
As an Amnesty supporter, we are calling on you to add your voice by signing the pledge and looking out for The Observer on 28th May. 

Sign the pledge:

Together we can show that humanity and human rights cannot be repressed. 

Thank you for your support

Kate Allen

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