Re: 'Word' in France's administration [Fwd: Bourse d'école doctorale]

Guillaume Yziquel guillaume.yziquel at
Thu May 25 17:36:15 UTC 2006

Sean DALY wrote:
> It's a scandal.
> I have a friend who works there, I will inquire.

I do not think it is the responsibility of the école doctorale, but of 
the french ministry of national education, research and tecgnology. It 
is the ministry's requirements.

Could inquiries be postponed one month later, the time for my grant 
proposal to be processed ? I just wanted to bring a testimony, for whom 
it may concern.

> But my understanding is that each department head there makes their
 > own rules; I know that several departments there run their sites on
 > FLOSS and would not tolerate such a thing.

It is not the departments who can have influence over this. Only the 

The problem is not that such a thing would be tolerated, but that, since 
the école doctorale is an official administration of the french state, 
such a thing would be illegal.

> Sean DALY.

Sincerely yours,

Guillaume Yziquel.

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>>Objet : 'Word' in France's administration [Fwd: Bourse d'école doctorale]
>>there is nothing new in this message. But it makes me mad. I may be on 
>>the wrong list for this, but I apologize.
>>here is a message I received from the École Doctorale de Sciences 
>>Mathématiques de Paris Centre, when applying for grants for doctoral 
>>The french ministry wants documents in 'Word' format.
>>  - nothing in written format,
>>  - nothing in other formats.
>>I think this is not legal, in regard of the french law.
>>Sincerely yours,
>>Guillaume Yziquel.
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>>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 13:36:00 +0200
>>From: Michèle Wasse <wasse at>
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>>>Madame Michèle Wasse,
>>>Par ailleurs, serait-il possible que vous me communiquiez la fiche 
>>>SIREDO sous un autre format que les fichiers Word ? (Sinon, c'est 
>>>pas grave, mais ça sera probablement moins joli, et ça prendra 
>>>beaucoup plus de temps).
>>Non, malheureusement, nous devons rendre les fiches remplies a l'ED
>>dans ce format.
>>Vous devrez donc me faire parvenir les fichiers demandes avant la fin du 
>>Merci. A bientot. Cordialement. Michele WASSE
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