Job hunting and proprietary formats

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Wed May 10 06:27:04 UTC 2006

"Ottavio Caruso" <pr0f3ss0r1492 at> asked:
> But what if your professional career, and eventually your life,
> should depend on it?

Firstly, I'm not just a professional. I do not work with
GNU/Linux only because I am paid to do so. I would do (and
have done) so unpaid.  I hope to be an artisan more than
a professional.  I'd rather give up a job than do it badly.
If you are only a professional, your answer may be different.

Secondly, my life wouldn't depend on it. I can do (and have done)
other things to get money.

So, bearing those in mind: I'd see if they're willing to stop
being silly and run the recruitment process appropriately for
the job that they're trying to fill.

> What if you are going to apply for a wonderful job, a job dealing with
> installing and maintaining Linux boxes, and the potential employer
> demand that the whole correspondence be managed in stupid word files?

If the employer insists on that, it's probably not a wonderful job.

Hope that helps,
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