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Hi all,
(my first post @discussion)

Ottavio Caruso ha scritto:
> I'm pretty sure that most of you would refuse an email correspondence
> based on proprietary formats, e.g. MS-Word attachments.
> Some would even go to the point of deleting or bouncing such messages or
> reply in tune with RMS's 'We Can Put an End to Word Attachments'
> campaign :
> <>.
> But what if your professional career, and eventually your life, should
> depend on it?

It sounds a little bit too extreme to me

> What if you are going to apply for a wonderful job, a job dealing with
> installing and maintaining Linux boxes, and the potential employer
> demand
> that the whole correspondence be managed in stupid word files?

BTW, i would say this is not a good job offer: would you accept to enter
 a company/organization/whatever which pretends to heal lung cancer and
at the same time asks to the employees to promote cigarettes/tabacco?
(i guess that to same extent this could also could make sense...but this
would be another discussion ;) )

> What if you are desperate and willing to compromise, you fire
> your shiny FOSS word processor and the file won't even load properly?
> So? What to do? Borrowing somebody's PC? Dual boot? Give up?

mhmh if you really really realize this is the chanche you have been
waiting for all of your life, then the answer will come by itself (or
maybe you won't even see that there's a question).
If you think this job-opportunity has some strange/dark side then the
answer will come by itself either.

> On Mon, 08 May 2006 20:23:50 +0200, "Ottavio Caruso"  said:
>>Dears Sirs,
>>I am interested in applying for your vacancy COMPUTER
>>TECHNICIAN/REF.[blah...]. You require that I download a document in
>>ms-word format, then manipulate it and send it back to you by email.
>>Unfortunately I have problems opening this document on my computer that
>>runs a version of Linux.
>>In Abiword, it looks all messed up and garbled. I'm sure I can find some
>>trick to reformat it but then most likely it won't display properly on
>>your computers.
>>The only solution would be for me to borrow somebody else's PC, however
>>I feel this is a diminution of my Linux skills, which are one of the
>>requisites you ask for this job.
>>A better solution would have been rich text format or html, which are
>>more portable than MS-Word.
>>I'd be glad if I had your opinion about it, so that I know if there is
>>a work around or if I had better give up.
>>Yours sincerely
>>Ottavio Caruso
> No answers expected, none received

mhmh just one day it seems to me to be a too little time for saying that.
Of course keep trying asking them information and explanation (i got
answer from a University office, after 3 weeks spent sending mails to
them every forth day)

> Ottavio Caruso


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