Transcript of Richard's GPLv3 presentation and Q&A from Torino, March 18th

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Thu Mar 30 14:30:24 UTC 2006

I've made and put online a transcript of RMS's presentation and Q&A session
from the recent GPLv3 event: "The Future of Free Software" March 18th,
Turin, Italy:


 1. First, a note on "intellectual property"
 2. On to the GPLv3
 3. About "or any later version" and transitioning between versions
 4. Software patents: explicit patent grants
 5. The four freedoms of Free Software
 6. Digital Restrictions Management: how it was tackled without
      restricting usage or modification
 7. DRM and laws about effective restriction measures
 8. Licence compatibility
 9. Compatibility with Affero - addressing web services, if you want
10. Compatibility with two kinds of patent retaliation
11. The draft GPLv3 does contain a very limited patent retaliation clause
12. Requirements for notifying users of the licence terms
13. Question 1: What about Linux?
14. Question 2: About dynamic linking and languages
15. Question 3a: What if someone thinks the spirit has been changed?
16. Question 3b: Can writing Free Software beat DRM or is lobbying needed?
      (Stallman's answer discusses democracy)
17. Question 4: Who is involved in the process?
18. Question 5: Why is there not a team running it instead of you, and who
      will run it next time?
19. Question 6: What ideas for GPLv3 were rejected?

And I've added a link to it on the GPLv3 wiki page for such texts:

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