Software patents: They're back!

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> He also said that had 1,948 companies, =
> representing
> 31,503 employees, and 3,258,244,082 EUR turnover, while SAP in Europe is =
> 20
> companies with 20,000 employees, representing 7,514,000,000 EUR in =
> turnover.
> His point was to question the economic majority argument.=20

"Small" businesses are 99% of UK businesses[1], but we find it
relatively expensive to engage in lobbying or advocacy, because
if we let one person do that, it leaves us a man short and we
don't have that many to spare.  So, the
figures are a massive under-reporting.

Meanwhile, SAP maybe can afford 20 employees-worth of lobbying,
even though they're just one business. It doesn't take many
SAPs to look like all creative industry wants protectionism.


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