Defining Free Software Business (please read this before believing anything about debian on this list this month)

Kaloian Doganov kaloian at
Thu Jun 29 07:59:56 UTC 2006

	Kaloian Doganov <kaloian at> asked:
	> Why we have to make a distinction based on the medium of distribution?

	1. A: You don't, but the CDs contain only the operating system,
	not the various other things also held on the ftp server which
	some seem unable to ignore or compare like-for-like.

You didn't answered my question.  Let me rephrase it like this: Why
Debian Project distributes only the operating system without proprietary
softwre on the CDs, but distributes the operating system plus
proprietary software on the Internet?  How Debian Project distinguish
its users (whether to ship them proprietary software or not) based on
the medium of distribution?

If those users on the Internet "deserve" (sic!) proprietary software,
then why the users of the CDs does not "deserve" it?

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