Defining Free Software Business (please read this before believing anything about debian on this list this month)

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Thu Jun 29 00:12:36 UTC 2006

   > Your tactis are far worse, using my CV as some kind of way of
   > starting yet more personal attack towards me. [...]

   3. Note: I disagree.  I view showing that even ams at gnu lists
   proprietary software sometimes as a much nicer tactic than
   repeatedly instructing me not to take vital medication.

There is a difference between `noting', and distributing.  I still
expect an apology.  

You are on purpose trying to muddle up words so that they fit your
little world.  My CV does not provide any links to non-free software,
it does not distribute any non-free software.  The Debian project
hosts, supports, and distributes non-free software with their Debian
operating system.

   > "We have created "contrib" and "non-free" areas in our archive for
   > these works" Where does GNU support non-free software in this manner?

   7. A: GNU is an operating system.  One can run non-free software on
   it.  So, it supports non-free software.

The logic is faulty.  One can kill people with knifes, so all people
holding knifes are killers.  The statement is false.

The Debian project hosts and supports non-free software usage for its
operting system.  The GNU project does no such thing, and will never
do any such thing for the GNU system.  So, no, GNU does not support
non-free software.

   9. A: The GNU operating system appears to host, for

They don't, they use a variant of it most probobly GNU/Linux.

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