Defining Free Software Business

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Wed Jun 28 19:37:07 UTC 2006

   1) the Debian Project
   2) the operating system Debian GNU/Linux

I see no reason why one should differentiate between the two.  If the
GNU project hosted non-free software on, but it wasn't
included in the GNU system then it would still be wrong.  The goal is
100% freedom, and you don't get it by distributing more non-free
software, be it in your system or as part of the project

   But since Debian is not the Debian Project but a free operating
   system distribution, it is not clear why Debian is not listed as a
   free GNU/Linux distribution on

Because Debian (the project) hosts non-free software for Debian (the
operating system).  As Debian (the operating system) is part of Debian
(the project), recommending a Debian (the operating system) would be
the distribution and support of non-free software that Debian (the
project) supports.  Recommending the operating system means
recommending the project--and its actions--that makes the operating

If Debian (the operating system) and Debian (the project, who hosts
non-free software (I do not agree 100% since I see no real difference
between the project that makes a operating system and the operating
system itself, but I'll be flexiblie)) were two completley sperate
entities, then Debian (the operating system) would be surley l`isted on

   Sorry for the nitpicking but it seems to be necessary for the
   discussion to go on...

I welcome nitpicking.  But it seems that we are not allowed to have
this discussion at all here if we listen to the threats by Stefano
Maffulli.  Maybe he should do as he preaches and get a killfile
instead of threatening people from continuing a discussion that he
obviously dislikes, but others wish to continue (if they don't wish to
continue it, then they shouldn't reply).

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