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Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Wed Jun 28 10:31:52 UTC 2006

   It only looks like a has-been when you talk about it. I have been
   necessarily reminded by a few that you do not speak for the FSF.

It has been made quite clear several times that nobody here has spoken
for either FSF, FSF-e, or any other organisation or project.  My
stance might coincide with whatever the FSF says, but it does not need
to.  I find it quite amazing that people have such a hard problem
differentiating between `I think ...' and the `FSF thinks ...' and
getting a pet peeve of the domain from where an email came from while
ignoring the actual content of the message.

   I thankyou for participating with me to this end so that I could
   understand your position, I do not find it attractive but I admire
   you for not abandoning what are obviously valuable principles.

   We may talk again on other matters where we have some agreement.

Thank you for those kind works.  I apologise for calling you a troll,
but I did find your last remark quite insulting, including a couple of
other remarks in your later messages which lead to the unfortunate
name calling.


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