Defining Free Software Business

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Jun 27 23:27:25 UTC 2006

   "Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams at> wrote:
   > >  > Are you going to imply that if Microsoft publishes a copy of the
   > >  > GNU Manifesto, then the "FSFers" must have thought them worthy of
   > >  > assistance?
   > >  If done in the same way, with recommendation at the top of a page
   > >  like
   > >   'Started in January 1999, the Brave GNU World is a monthly
   > >    column which has since then been released in nine languages[*]
   > >    on the web and printed in the German "Linux-Magazin," the
   > >    "Linux Magazine" U.K., "Microsoftware" (a large computer
   > >    magazine in Korea) and the "Linux-Magazine" in France.'
   > >  then I would, yes.
   > Where is this recommendation?  I don't see anything remotley close to
   > `Read Linux-Magazin!!!' or even `You can get a gratis copy of
   > Linux-Magazin by doing foo'.  

   s/recommendation/linking/ and the point remains valid. also says:
   "The release date is coordinated to appear simultaneously
   with Linux-Magazin."  It's obvious there was assistance.

A wonderful, now you simply change your argumentation.  There is a
huge difference between linking to a site that happens to do something
remotley related, and distributing, and supporting non-free software.
Can you please show where the GNU project and/or the FSF recommends,
supports and condones the usage of non-free software?  You have up to
this point not done so, only come with utterly vauge linkage to some
magazine that is about GNU/Linux.

I have shown specific examples of where Debian supports and
distributes non-free software, Sun Java.  Please show where the FSF
and/or GNU project do anything similar, or please stop your FSF/GNU
hate rampage.

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