The crux;; Re: [yavor at Re: Defining Free Software Business]

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Jun 27 21:55:29 UTC 2006

   - this is what I am TRYING to get OTHER people to do, and I'm showing 
   you that the only path they are willing to take is not cold-turkey 
   because they would be out of business.

By recommending non-free software as a solution, you are not doing
that.  One does not move away from non-free software by giving support
for non-free software.

   I am almost determined to pay my FSF membership to Debian instead, the 
   main blocker being that it is too hard to donate money to Debian (or was 
   the last time I tried).

Please read about the campaigns about freeing many
common tools that are non-free today, Java, Flash are prominent
examples.  Debian has never taken such a stance, it has instead
resorted to recommending something that is non-free.

You have the tools to write any free software replacement, you simply
choose not to since you do not care about freedom and instead resort
to using non-free software.  The same goes for Debian.

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