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Tue Jun 27 21:20:18 UTC 2006

Bjoern Schiessle <schiessle at>
> MJ Ray <mjr at> wrote:
> > (linked from is refusing
> > connections, so I have not checked it.
> The correct link is, but the link at
> contains
> the correct URL.

Strange.  Thanks for the correction.  Actually neither direct
entry of that (wrong) address (host not found) nor use of that
(correct) link (connection refused) worked for me earlier, but
I guess the different error messages should have pointed that
I'd done something wrong.

I didn't find a list of packages in their current release,
but I note that its "Sources" download directory still seems
to contain mpg123 and the nvidia drivers.

Following links offered to get some information in English
brings messages like "You don't have permission to access
/www/modules/definitions/ on this server" or similar, so I'm
not sure, but it looks like it's a gentoo-style system and
only its programs are promised to be free software.
I didn't find any GNU/Hurd commitment.

"About UTUTO" seems to be about some lizard.  Appropriate.

Hasn't changed my view that debian is our current friendliest
free software operating system.
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