c't tv covers "cost-free OS Linux"

Michael Kallas michael.kallas at web.de
Tue Jun 27 19:42:29 UTC 2006


MJ Ray schrieb:
> This weekend's c't magazine show has a piece on Linux.  Main
> distributions featured are ubuntu, Knoppix and SuSE.  There's
> a few inserts (installation, KDE, OOo, movies) and some Q&A.
> The cost-free aspect is heavily emphasised and the old "no
> viruses and trojans" legend is peddled, but the freedom aspect
> gets a couple of quick mentions.
> The GNU website makes an appearance in a screenshot, but that
> seemed about it.  Can we build on this at all?
By coincidence, Uli Kleemann from GUUG talked to me about that subject
at FrOSCon. He asked me whether I knew someone who could give a talk
about Free Software to be broadcast on TV.
I immediately mentioned that in my opinion, Georg would be the best
speaker for that subject.
As Uli Kleemann reported, at the time he had asked, c't tv was not very
interested in Free Software because of fear of bad quota. He had an
address of an open channel where you could record a TV feature and
retain full use rights of it.

Hope this helps
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