Defining Free Software Business

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Jun 27 18:11:17 UTC 2006

   > Debian has made the for 10 years or more now, and still not fixed
   > them.  They are not errors anymore, but simply lack of caring for
   > user freedoms.

   The debian project has been fixing the errors in debian, but
   I'm sure it will continue to make errors.  It's not a lack of
   care for user freedoms.  We could make a young debian-based
   distribution and maybe FSF would recommend it - just as it has
   some debian-based distributions made by some debian developers.

If Debian has been fixing these errors, please explain why it is
hosting non-free software, and still adding more non-free software
there.  Most notably, Sun Java.

This is obviously not an error, since it is perfectly a valid practise
within Debian and is condoned by the Debian project.

   > >  So, roughly equivalent to Debian's main archive.  There are
   > >  other "Fedora foo" archives containing other things.
   > Can you point me to these `other archives'? lists some.

Oh please, you quote a wiki.  Then I guess that if someone makes a
link to when posting to a GNU list then GNU is
hosting non-free software.  Stop this absurdities.

Atleast have the decency to quote offical material.

   Of course debian supports non-free software.

And recommend its usage.  We agree.  Great.

   GNU supports non-free software, although I expect the GNU project
   tells you not to use it.  Can a product condone something?

You make silly claims without fact again and again, it is boring.
Shove proof.  Where does GNU support non-free software?

   > Doesn't make it any better.  Debian GNU/Hurd like Debian GNU/Linux are
   > equally bad in this regard, since both contain non-free software.

   Sorry, that's incorrect.  Get yourself a CD of the official release
   and try to find any.

What the CD's contain isn't relevant.  It is the action of Debian that
matters.  I'd go on an equal rampage if the FSF started doing the

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