Defining Free Software Business

MJ Ray mjr at
Tue Jun 27 15:34:16 UTC 2006

"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams at>
> No, what Debian does is worse: it claims to be 100% free software when
> it is not.

Debian is 100% free software, or it's a serious bug.  If you find
something in debian which isn't free software, please report it as
described at

>    One cannot observe most of FSF's actions.  Its funds could be
>    mainly used buying Lotus Notes for distributing Microsoft Word
>    macro games, for all most of us know.
> More absurd accusations without the the least of proof.

Only an absurd illustration and not a serious one, but the comment
that one cannot observe most of FSF's actions is not at all absurd.
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