Defining Free Software Business

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Jun 27 15:26:46 UTC 2006

     'We acknowledge that some of our users require the use of works
     that do not conform to the Debian Free Software Guidelines. We
     have created "contrib" and "non-free" areas in our archive for
     these works. The packages in these areas are not part of the
     Debian system, although they have been configured for use with
     Debian.'  --

   Maybe neither of us agrees with the resulting action, but I think
   that's an understandable, clear and obvious motive.  The Debian OS
   itself is 100% free software nevertheless and the project doesn't
   develop proprietary software.

No, it isn't.  It is quite irrelevant how much you quote the Social
Contract.  Go look at for a change, specially in the
non-free and contrib directories.  Infact, Debian does develop
non-free software, since DD's who support the non-free section do
exactly that, develop it.

   I'd expect
   the debian project to be in GBN's contrib list, not GBN itself.

I expect GBN not to have a "contrib" list, since such a list will only
recommend companies that do non-free software.

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