Defining Free Software Business

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Mon Jun 26 12:20:13 UTC 2006

   The packages that make up Debian MUST NOT recommend or depend upon
   non-free software (this is part of debian-policy s2.2.1).  Saying
   otherwise is lying, plain and simple.

Now you are really deluding yourself.  There are lots of packages that
recommend and depend on non-free software in Debian, namley you have
the whole non-free repository, and then you have contrib which is
meant for software that depends on non-free software.  Then you have
packages in main that either depend or recommend non-free packages.

I'll give you examples even, first thing that I found: krusader,
clamav, file-roller, amavisd-new in main suggests lha from non-free.

Before you start calling me a liar, I suggest you stop taking whatever
drugs your doctor subscribed you.

   When debian finds non-free software in the distribution, it is
   promptly removed.  No difference, but a double standard.

No, it gets put into another place, called non-free.  It doesn't get
removed.  Non-free is part of Debian.  You redefining that it isn't
just so you can feel good about it is just sad.

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