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Hi all,

For members of discussion@ that want to help raise awareness and encourage
people to come to the GPLv3 conference, here is a sample text that can be
sent to mailing lists or posted on forums.  It includes the programme with
the 16 speakers and panelists:

GPLv3: Barcelona, June 22nd & 23rd, to host international GPLv3 conference

Free Software Foundation Europe has been busy organising the third
international GPLv3 conference.  We invite you to attend, and ask
attendees to register by emailing oriordan at with the
exact phrase "GPLv3 registration" in the subject.

On the first day of the confernce, Thursday June 22nd, Georg Greve,
Richard Stallman, and Eben Moglen will present the proposed changes
for the third version of the GNU General Public License, as well as
the year-long public consultation effort.

The second day, Friday June 23rd, will host panel discussions with
participants from four continents discussing and taking questions on
the subjects of DRM, GPL enforcement, the consultation process,
awareness of GPLv3, and the current projets of FSFE.  Pablo Machon
will also speak on GPLv3 and the European campaign against software

Information is available in eight languages on the webpage:

"People sometimes have the feeling that GNU GPL has been around
forever, and they would not be entirely wrong. Published in 1991, the
GNU GPL has proven to be exceptionally successful throughout the past
fifteen years," says Greve. "With such an exceptional success, one
will change as little as possible, but there have been changes in the
legal and technical environment, and in the position of Free Software
and its community, that have made some changes advisable.  The process to
update the licence is aiming at a global GPLv3 drafting team. 
Everyone is invited to participate: Joining the conferences is one of
the best ways of doing so."

== June 22nd programme: presentations ==

Time 	Thursday, June 22nd

10:00 	Registration of participants

10:30 	Georg Greve: opening introduction

11:00 	Richard Stallman: Overview of GPL v3 Changes

12:30 	Ciarán O'Riordan: The public consultation process

13:00 	Lunch

14:30 	Eben Moglen: The wording of the changes

16:30 	Discussion groups

17:00 	Doors close

== June 23rd programme: panels ==

Time 	Friday, June 23rd

10:00 	Doors open

10:30 	Panel: Current projects of FSFE

    * Carlo Piana (Tamos Piana & Partners), the MS anti-trust case
    * Pablo Machón, building the Spanish team
    * Ciaran O'Riordan, Legislation from Brussels
    * Stefano Maffulli, FSFE's Fellowship

11:30 	Panel: Awareness and adoption of GPLv3

    * Fernanda Weiden, Associação
    * Anne Ostergaard, GNOME Foundation
    * Alexandre Oliva, Free Software Foundation Latin America

12:30 	Pablo Machón: GPLv3 and the European software patent struggle

13:00 	Lunch

14:30 	Panel: The Discussion Committees

    * Niibe Yutaka, Free Software Initiative Japan (committee A)
    * Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace (committee C)
    * Masayuki Hatta, Debian (committee D)

15:30 	Panel: Enforcing the GPL, thwarting DRM

    * Harald Welte,
    * David "Novalis" Turner, Free Software Foundation
    * Mathias Klang, Informatics researcher, University of Goteborg

16:30 	Stefano Maffulli: Closing presentation

17:00 	Doors close

For more information about the GPLv3 and the year-long public
consultation, see:

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