GNU Business Network Definition

Sean DALY sean.daly at
Mon Jun 12 13:44:44 UTC 2006

> Then you and I have very different views...  Just because everyone
> wishes to do something unethical, doesn't mean that one should change
> things so that the unethical behaviour is "OK".

Alfred - In fact I think our views are quite similar in terms of goals, just not in terms of methods. End-user businesses are just discovering Free Open Source Software; condemning them for unethical behavior when they don't even know what choices they have is a nonstarter. I mean, they most likely think they are ethical just for keeping their software licenses paid up. IT businesses know more about Free Software, but in my conversations with integrators and ISVs they all worry about keeping their staff paid while making the inevitable transition to the new model. In this context I think we can bring support and counsel and not condemnation. They are confused by the difference between Free and Open Source; I think we need to keep the message as simple as possible, and the message should be: Don't buy, use, or create closed, proprietary code any more; forget about profit from software secrecy; prefer Free Software instead. It's more efficient, it's more reliable, it's the right thing to do. And if today we have excellent networking, operating system, and development tools, tomorrow we will have excellent ERP, accounting, and video editing tools and we shouldn't discriminate against businesses which can easily choose a GNU/Linux distribution but can't use a Free accounting package.

I believe that the proprietary software model can eventually be extinguished. The first step is for Free Software to make inroads in proprietary shops, and this battle will be won on quality -- I am sure the Free Software model is superior to the proprietary model. I think all that is necessary is that no compromise to freedom be made at this step.


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