GNU Business Network Definition comments

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Sun Jun 11 19:11:25 UTC 2006

   >    However, I believe more pragmatism is called for in the basic
   >    GNU Business Network Definition principles.
   > Freedom and practicality don't go hand in hand.

   They do. It's always more practical to be free than to be enslaved.
   The problem is you can't always have all you want, so sometimes you
   accept less freedom for exchange of something else. That depends on
   the options you have at each moment.

It depends on how you view it, sometimes it is more practical to use
non-free software instead of developing a free alternative.

   I haven't read anything outside this list, sorry. But my problem
   with the views that companies supporting some propietary software
   should be accepted in the GNUBN is that the the GNUBN loses all
   significance for me.

   It's only very few fanatical companies that don't use or support
   some free program or other. Once you accept mixed companies, it's
   difficult to set any limits. And I as apotential employee can no
   longer rely on a GNUBN company s an employer that guarantees that
   what I'll learn there will be on free software, and as a customer I
   can't trust a company that makes a living out of supporting
   propietary software to work for me or recommend solutions, since
   they may impose propietary software on me.

   I'd rather have a clear meaning for GNUBN and few companies
   included, at least initially that having many companies which I
   don't know anything about by just its GNUBN sticker, because mixed
   companies are allowed.  If I still have to sort out myself which
   companies will ensure my freedom as customer or employee even
   between GNUBN, then I don't need GNUBN at all.

You put it well, and I couldn't agree more with you.  

Happy hacking!

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