GNU Business Network Definition

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Fri Jun 9 15:31:28 UTC 2006

   There is absolutely no reason freedom and practically cannot go
   hand in hand.  They already do.

There are several reason, one is that sometimes it is more practical
to use non-free software, this goes against the goals of freedom.  The
other is that supporting non-free software how ever obscure can lead
to the spreading of this obscure piece of software.

   The reason I suggest that the provisions of the GNU Business
   Network Definition pertaining to support contracts are potentially
   unreasonable is that branding and certification are key when it
   comes to business confidence.

Supporting non-free software goes against the goals of the GNU
project.  Since GBN is part of the GNU umbrela, it makes very little
sense for it to list companies that support non-free software.  I
don't see what the problem is, the goal is freedom, not huge list of
companies that do unethical and immoral things.


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