FAQ for giving lectures about Free Software (revision 3)

Shane M. Coughlan shane at shaneland.co.uk
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Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> I agree with your analysis.  I have created a new section, Advocacy,
> where fellows can put content.
> If you want, I will be online on jabber today and we can discuss how to
> structure those pages and start putting the FAQ online.

Hi Stef

I have created a suggested text for the first page of the new advocacy

Advocacy is a critical part of supporting a movement like Free Software.
 It is part-education, part-advertising.  It is where we share our
enthusiasm for Free Software and in the process make other people
enthusiastic about it too.  This is where every fellow can make a
significant contribution to the FSFE and share our ideals with computer
users, computer programmers and technology enthusiasts everywhere.

Advocacy is not just formal lectures.  You can advocate Free Software
when you talk to your coworkers, when you attend a conference and when
you visit a LUG.  Advocacy is about engaging people with our ideals in a
positive and constructive manner.

There are no rules to advocacy.  However, there are some tips to help
ensure that audiences are engaged and and goals are accomplished.  This
part of the fellowship site is intended to collect our tips together so
we can improve and coordinate our individual advocacy.  If you have
presentation notes, tips or guides you would like to see added please

I think we should have a FAQ section (with the FAQ in several languages
if possible).

A section for presentations - as you suggested in the chatroom - would
be great.  The problem is just that we don't have many presentations.  I
guess Ciaran's can go up right away, and perhaps I can generate a couple
on discussion@?


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