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Fri Jul 7 21:34:14 UTC 2006

1. GPLv3 conference in Barcelona
3. Anja Vorspel hired part time to help in FSFE office
4. Georg Greve at dorkbot.swiss
5. Linuxwochen in Linz (Austria)
6. Stefano Maffulli at Java Conference Milano

1. GPLv3 conference in Barcelona

The Free Software Foundation Europe organised the third international
GPLv3 conference in Barcelona, Spain. The first day of the two day event
featured speeches from Georg Greve, Richard Stallman, Ciarán O'Riordan
and Eben Moglen about the changes in GPLv3 and the public consultation
process. The second day included four panel discussions, a talk by Pablo
Machón about software patents and a closing presentation by Stefano

Hosting an official GPLv3 conference in Europe was very important, and
the FSFE was proud to be able to organise it. Financial contributions
from the Fellowship and the work of the Fellows and other volunteers
were essential to make this conference possible. Also, FSFE would like
to thank Stichting NLNet, whose donation supports a large part of the
GPLv3 activities.



The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
held its second Provisional Committee on Proposals Related to a WIPO
Development Agenda meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. This meeting was
the last before the next WIPO general assembly, and was intended to
formalise the agenda items for a WIPO reform. After several days of
discussion, a proposal to drop all items except those immediately
acceptable to the United States and European Union led to escalation,
and a total disassembling of the meeting. FSFE's statements can be
found online at


and FSFE's president Georg Greve also summarised much of what has
happened throughout these days in his blog:


3. Anja Vorspel hired part time to help in FSFE office

Thanks to Rainer Kersten, FSFE's new office in Düsseldorf is up and
running. Rainer works in the office on part time basis and is joined by
Anja Vorspel as a complimentary part time officer.  Anja has been
helping as a volunteer in the new office from the start.

4. Georg Greve at dorkbot.swiss

FSFE's president Georg Greve spoke at the dorkbot.swiss event in
Zürich, Switzerland. The dorkbot events are a global network of events
about "doing strange things with electricity", bringing together
artists from various fields and interested people. Georg Greve spoke
about Free Software, its social impact, and how Free Software is both
shaping art and offering new perspectives for artistic work.

5. Linuxwochen in Linz (Austria)

After the positive experience in Vienna, Karin Kosina also gave a
presentation about the FSFE at another event in the Linuxwochen series,
this time in Linz. Although this event was much smaller, her talk was
again well received.

6. Stefano Maffulli at Java Conference Milano

During the latest Java Conference in Milano on 27 June, the Italian
chancellor of FSFE presented the revision process of the GPLv3 to a
public of small and medium enterprises.

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