FAQ for giving lectures about Free Software

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jul 6 19:50:26 UTC 2006

Simon Morris <mozrat at gmail.com>
> I saw MJRs "imprecise moron" and of course he is saying that in good
> spirits but we have to be aware that business people that have little
> knowledge of Information Technology will get "Free Software" and
> "freeware" confused and in their minds freeware is equal to crapware.

To be honest, some business people will cope with it fine and
other business people will get confused as soon as the word
"software" is mentioned.  If you are working for a firm where
software is business-critical and your account executives are
any good, they will be the first type.  If they are the second
type, I think you have far bigger problems than getting them
to understand and market "free software" properly.

Regards from your cynical software salesman,
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