Booth News #1 - FSF Europe at FOSDEM 2006

Volker Dormeyer volker at
Wed Jan 25 21:54:13 UTC 2006

Hi all,

it's FOSDEM time again. This years Free Software Developers Meeting
(FOSDEM) will take place in Brussels during the weekend 25/26 of

A few days ago, we started to plan the representation of the FSFE at
this event. FOSDEM ist one of the major events related to Free Software,
which is very close to the community.

1) Our Team

We are looking for some people able to help us at our booth. As usual,
the major job would be to talk to interesting people and sell some
merchandise stuff. We will present and inform about the Fellowship
program as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in supporting the FSFE this
way. Even if you know somebody, who might be interested, I would like to
encourage you, to tell me.

2) Hotel

The FOSDEM team was able to gain a special (although not very good) rate
for FOSDEM visitors at the Saint Catherine Ibis Hotel. The rate is at
EUR 69,- per room/night (it doesn't matter, whether it is a double room,
or not) plus EUR 10,- breakfast per person/night. The hotel can be
booked with a special form, only.

Additionally, I would like to offer to look for an additional Hotel in
the hope to get a better rate.

Please let me know what you think here?

Thanks and regards,

 Volker Dormeyer                                  <volker at>
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