Howto: Create Free Professional Banner!

Roland H├Ąder r.haeder at
Sun Jan 22 21:19:19 UTC 2006

Hello GNU people out there,

I have finished the very first ALPHA version of my documentation how to 
create cool advert-banners for your homepages. It's licensed under the 
GNU FDL so feel free to download it from my server.

But one thing: I have "re-produced" and heavily modified Jens 
Lautenbacher's toturial which can be found here:

But in the head it says:

"Text and images Copyright (C) 2002 Jens Lautenbacher  and may not be 
used without permission of the author."

Does this mean I am allowed to produce a totural like mine or not?

Well, addionally I have added an album which contains screenshots of my 
work when I have designed my "Against-Software-Patents" banner.

Direct link to the album:

Link to all (currently one...) my documentation works:


PS: Please never ask me for a M$ Word document... ;-)

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