Source code and test suites

Florian Weimer fw at
Thu Jan 19 11:57:20 UTC 2006

* Jeroen Dekkers:

>> For sufficiently complex software, a suite of regression tests is
>> extremely helpful for making modifications.  However, in some areas,
>> there is a strong interest in proprietary test suites (in the GCC
>> context, for example).  Forced publication of test suites would unduly
>> extend the scope of software copyright.  That's why I'm not sure if
>> anything should be done about this.
> Because you don't distribute (or propagate in GPLv3 terms) anything
> when running a test suite on a program, I don't see how the GPL could
> enforce anything about test suites.

The same argument could be applied to the encryption keys and build
scripts, but providing them is explicitly required.

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