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Bjoern Schiessle schiessle at
Thu Jan 12 23:44:46 UTC 2006

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:
> While a nice software helping with the workflow would be cool,
> I believe that the optimal end result should be a set of static pages
> that could just be placed on a folder to be served over the web.
> And it is not necessary to set up a full blown CMS.
> The is a chance that it even gets in the way,
> by distracting from the real task.
> Maintaining it for a long time, is another problem.
> Usually just the software-updates for security issues, can be quite a hassle.
> Still, those are just warning, all power to the dedicated CMS builders. :-)

I agree with you, i have similar concerns if i think about CMS.  Also
it seems like their are very few CMS with really good support for
multi-language content.

I have already thought about the possibility of such a script.  But
until now i don't come up with a good idea. Probably you would have to
handle every language by it's own. This would also mean that every new
language would require an extension of the script.

Maybe someone with good scripting knowledge have a good idea how this
could be done.


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