Volunteer needed for BGW (was: Brave GNU World)

Guillaume Lenoir eeff at prositive.org
Tue Jan 10 23:21:08 UTC 2006

> > Is there a place I can download untranslated English texts to start
> > working on the French version ? My German is not good enough to do the
> > job though.
> You can find the Englisch versions at http://brave-gnu-world.org/

I was talking about untranslated english issues, and I didn't find an
english version there that wasn't already translated in french.

Le lundi 09 janvier 2006 à 15:40 +0100, Georg C. F. Greve a écrit : 
>  || On Sat, 7 Jan 2006 14:13:46 +0100
>  || "Alain M. Lafon" <preek at stud.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote: 
>  aml> I'm a native german speaker, too, but I'd like to help by doing
>  aml> a "rough" translation - after I've finished people may judge
>  aml> wheter it is worth to be read by others. Are we talking about
>  aml> 8-12 issues here?
> The last translated issue is #59.
> Last weekend I wrote issue #82.
> So we are talking 23 issues overall... quite a bit of work. It seems
> too much for any single person, but maybe together we can get them
> translated.

Are there any English I could start putting into French (issues 61-82)
and where ?


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