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 cn> I am currently doing an internship as a typo3 extension hacker at
 cn> a local web design company and I would love to set up a typo3
 cn> site for this purpose...  Would be a good opportunity to learn
 cn> about the workflow functions of typo3, which I haven't used
 cn> yet. I could even ask my boss if I can use some of my time
 cn> working for him for this project...

This would be really nice, and in fact an interesting enough community
effort to actually write about it in the Brave GNU World. ;)

 cn> However I could need a hand on doing the HTML template (design
 cn> sucks) and maybe need some space (I could ask Thomas if we can
 cn> use the server but the domain name might be
 cn> confusing for people who don't understand German).

The current layout is very simple and there are multiple Typo3 things
online around the world... so it should be simple to get a minimal
look that is somewhat like the current (the "horned earth" is still a
favorite of mine, I have to say).

Other than that I would not bother too much with it: If there is a
site, I am sure someone else will find a way to improve that later.

For now, getting the actual site up and running is paramount, and the
Campsite idea of Sam Liddicot seems interesting.

As I have a small vserver lying around for experimental purposes, I
could give you root access on it immediately to play with this... just
email me your public SSH key and I can give you access.


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