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Christoph Neuroth christoph at
Tue Jan 10 11:38:21 UTC 2006

On Monday 09 January 2006 15:30, Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> I have found myself thinking that a CMS (Drupal? Typo3?) or maybe a
> Blogging Software (Wordpress?) with review and workgroup management
> and authorisation capabilites, as well as the possibility to add
> modules like automatically emailing certain language versions to
> people who subscribed to them might be a good idea.
I am currently doing an internship as a typo3 extension hacker at a local web 
design company and I would love to set up a typo3 site for this purpose... 
Would be a good opportunity to learn about the workflow functions of typo3, 
which I haven't used yet. I could even ask my boss if I can use some of my 
time working for him for this project...

However I could need a hand on doing the HTML template (design sucks) and 
maybe need some space (I could ask Thomas if we can use the 
server but the domain name might be confusing for people who don't understand 

regards, Chris

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