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Alex Hudson <home at>
> You can see the polygons on the page have smooth edges. That's what
> Cairo does; it's a high-quality 2D library. It's also output-neutral:
> the Mozilla people have had trouble generating pages for printing since,
> well, years ago, and Cairo nicely solves part of the issue. And this is
> all in software, none of this requires 3D anything.

Thanks for the explanations. So, if I understand correctly, Cairo
is in a similar space to Display PostScript and Display PDF, but
uses GL to draw and use the graphics processor as much as possible.

> > [...] Are there similar sites to for
> > other manufacturers, or any overview site?
> No, not really, it's a mess. [...]

Are others willing to help create one? I think I could program
it fairly quickly. What information is interesting?
 PCI id
 related free software site(s)

(Data would be under GPL too, so we could add the Linux Hardware
Compatibility HOWTO data, if wanted.)

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