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 mk> I wanted to direct you to the online issues at
 mk> but then I realised that only
 mk> issues until 2004 are available there. What happened?

Essentially the web volunteers got tired after a few years and
disappeared over night while new volunteers never really got into the
job and so the publication cycle broke down.

It took the translation cycle down with it (noone likes to do the work
of translating if it isn't published afterwards) and since I had no
resources whatsoever to restart the process. In fact I was always hard
pressed to get the translation to English done myself and could not
keep it up after the publication broke down. So the process died.

As a result the site is horribly outdated and there are a lot of
issues Brave GNU World available in German, awaiting translation by
someone heroic enough to tackle that task -- meanwhile I'm pondering
whether it is worth to continue writing it, because it takes a lot of
effort to motivate yourself every month for years to write the column.


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