Closed-spec hardware vendors (was: Re: Gnash - GNU Flash Player / John Gilmore)

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 ams> Negative comments tend to cloud the positive ones, so here is a
 ams> postive one: I want Brave GNU World back!!!

Thanks. :)

 ams>    So I'm not sure that more nagging will help, rather than have
 ams>    the opposite effect of alienating people to our valid points.

 ams> Random nagging no, but if it is directed, it will help.  Also,
 ams> we shouldn't be bothered if it alienates people, we are fighting
 ams> for freedom, such fights will always alienate those who wish to
 ams> destroy what we work for.

There are also those in the middle, who have not yet decided on either
side, are not aware of the issues or are at least not actively
involved in working against freedom.

These probably form the vast majority, and are our most important
target audience for campaigns: Preaching to the converted is often
fun, but not the most important task. Preaching to the opposed is
very difficult and unlikely to convince them for various reasons,
human resistance against change being one of them.

So we should not be afraid of speaking up, but we do need to keep the
people in the middle in our focus: If we speak up in the wrong way, we
drive them away from us, in the arms of the people who truly are
opposed to our cause.


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