Closed-spec hardware vendors (was: Re: Gnash - GNU Flash Player / John Gilmore)

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Wed Jan 4 16:04:28 UTC 2006

   On a general basis, both as an organisation and as individuals, we
   tend to keep nagging hardware vendors permanently. Indeed it
   appears that the Brave GNU World was dropped from the UK
   Linux-Magazine also because readers complained that I was nagging
   too much -- at least that is what the comments of the editor seemed
   to imply.

Negative comments tend to cloud the positive ones, so here is a
postive one: I want Brave GNU World back!!!  It was one of the few
things I enjoy reading, and have been wondering what the heck happened
to it.

   So I'm not sure that more nagging will help, rather than have the
   opposite effect of alienating people to our valid points.

Random nagging no, but if it is directed, it will help.  Also, we
shouldn't be bothered if it alienates people, we are fighting for
freedom, such fights will always alienate those who wish to destroy
what we work for.

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