Closed-spec hardware vendors (was: Re: Gnash - GNU Flash Player / John Gilmore)

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 ams>    How can "the GNU project, the FSF and FSFE" do more in the
 ams>    "not supporting [proprietary 3D hardware companies]" regard?
 ams>    AFAIK, none of them "support" those companies already. Is
 ams>    there something else "lacking"? If so, you haven't stated it.

 ams> I did state it, "nagging".

On a general basis, both as an organisation and as individuals, we
tend to keep nagging hardware vendors permanently. Indeed it appears
that the Brave GNU World was dropped from the UK Linux-Magazine also
because readers complained that I was nagging too much -- at least
that is what the comments of the editor seemed to imply.

So I'm not sure that more nagging will help, rather than have the
opposite effect of alienating people to our valid points.

What I believe we *do* need is more people to carry on and support
this message; which is why we created the Fellowship of FSFE [1] as a
means of _making support visible in a way that shows dedication_ to
help show that our nagging is not just nagging, after all, but voicing
valid points.



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