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Tue Jan 3 19:13:37 UTC 2006

Alex Hudson <home at>
> As an example of the kind of development that needs 3D hardware
> acceleration:

Why are they interested in Cairo rather than any 2d-friendly vector
library?  Can someone translate that page for non-graphics-fans?

> version of Mozilla that requires GL, and various toolkits, font
> rendering systems, etc. There is a GL X server in heavy development, and
> obviously most games but also many multimedia programs use GL for video.
> You just can't run a fully GL desktop off a software runtime, and it
> looks like everyone is going GL...

Is everyone going GL because they are ignorant or just willing to
ignore what looks like a new Java Trap problem to get the benefits?

What is the scale of this problem? A few cards have been mentioned,
but the messages make it sound like they're a small minority of 3d
hardware on sale today. Are there similar sites to for
other manufacturers, or any overview site?

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