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Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Tue Jan 3 12:58:40 UTC 2006

I just found this surprising new project from John Gilmore:

Gnash is a new GNU project to build a media player that's compatible
with Macromedia "Shockwave Flash" standards and plays common ".swf"
files.  Gnash will work both as a standalone application, and as a
browser plugin (initially for Firefox).

Gnash is based on the excellent work done on the public domain program
"GameSWF", a graphics library for games that contains the heart of a
Flash interpreter.  Further development will aim this code toward the
goal of playing arbitrary Flash "movies".  This goal diverges from the
goals of the GameSWF maintainers (which are to make a good public
domain graphics library for games), and they were unwilling to accept
some of our patches as a result.  We're forking the code and pushing
foward.  New code for Gnash will be licensed under the GPL (version 2
or better).  I'm sure we can contribute public domain bug fixes back
to GameSWF, though our major development will be GPL licensed.

        John Gilmore

More on John Gilmore here:

I found out about Gnash in the Take Action section of the homepage.

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